Someone once said IT’S NOT ABOUT THE BIKE…


Your bike has no soul. It’s only a material thing. Your bike is not a vehicle with which you will achieve your dreams. It will not make you a cold hearted racing demon. It will not make you appreciate true suffering or elevate you to ecstasy. It will not evolve with your riding. It does not react to its surroundings. It will not display battle scars and memories from hard days in the saddle. Your bike is not a companion for a month of exploring. It is not a friend for a quick hours thrash around the local woods. Your bike will not struggle with you in the dark wet winter time and it won’t yearn for the long summer evenings. It will not accompany you on your summer holidays or share a morning coffee with you. Your bike will not speak to you. It won’t tell you when it’s having a hard time. Your bike will not be there to celebrate well deserved wins with you and it will not be there for you when you fail. Your bike will not remind you of the times you had as a child or how you grew into the person you are today. It will not introduce you to new people or narrow language barriers. It will not get you closer to the things you yearn for or transport you away from the things you wish to leave behind. It will not give you an excuse to get out into the real world or to take other people to those wild places. Your bike will not be any of these things that you are looking for… It is ALL of these things and that’s what makes it my bike. That’s what makes us inseparable.




october bedgebury c


Glen runs THE.TRIBECA.SPORT.WØRKSHOP  which is based at 28 London Road, Southborough, TN4 0QB – 01892 533 339 – glen@tribecasport.co.uk . The shop specialises in precision servicing, race prepping, 3D bike fitting and high quality bikes and equipment. Drop in, give us a call, visit our Facebook page or browse our website for more details. He also runs the shop race team and club as well as racing ‘cross, road and cross-country nationally.


All views and opinions are personal and should be taken with a pinch of salt – This blog is not for cissies or cry-babies – Please always adhere to rules V and X.





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