Peter Fucking Sagan.

Love or hate him Peter Sagan has come from relative obscurity to one of the biggest names in cycling in the last 12 months. But more important, for me, than his rise to fame has been the fact that he’s done it as a man. In a sport almost ruined by cry babies and cissies Peter Sagan has ridden with his heart and soul rather than science.

1 Sag

In last year’s Tour de France none of us had any idea what any of his victory celebrations meant and his interviews left us none the wiser.

But then, he surprised us all when he just kept on winning. Winning with passion whilst the robots around him criticised his wheelies and beer drinking antics.

1 Sag a

Not content with that he set about annoying everyone in Europe with his podium celebrations…not that those involved seemed that upset!

1 Sag Peter-Sagan_GI_2524093b

So whilst Spartacus gave everyone a little bit of an education in the last ten days, Sagan must surely have equalled his headline quota – good work chief, have a beer on me!


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