t h e . æ i g h t . b i c y c l e . m an u f a c t ø r y

t h e . æ i g h t . b i c y c l e . m an u f a c t ø r y


#aeightmanufactory – Fully bespoke frames produced in England from Steel – Our “factøry” frame supplier. I started building frames in 2008 and I’ve now got to a point at which I feel comfortable saying I know what I’m doing. There’s still a lot to learn which is why I’m starting to build race frames that can be tested in a closed environment. I’ve no interest in selling them and that’s what makes them special – they’re race frames that are designed to be raced and then improved. If you share this passion and want to race with us then please get in touch using the details below.

WHEELSETS – Hand-built and specifically selected for the individual rider, purpose and matched to their bike.

CUSTOM BUILDS – If you’re successful in being chosen to be part of the Cøllective we’ll build your frame and wheels into the bike of your dreams. All you have to do is work out what bits to hang on it.


For 2017 we’re looking for one or two other riders to be on our race team. The Cøllective is about doing things a little differently. We’re looking to kit our riders out with steel race bikes made in Sussex. Whether that’s for ‘cross, road, crit, TT or mountain bike we’re offering the chance to have a custom steel bike made for you to race on – not just put together, but fully bespoke. Sometimes is it may not be everything to do with the bike, but it goes a long way to helping you achieve your goals.

The best part is that we’re not asking you to leave your team or club and that includes racing in club/team kit. We’ve got certain brands that we’d like to work with, but we’re open to suggestions and maybe you’ve got a sponsor or support that you could bring to the table?

We have some strict qualifying criteria but don’t be put off by this – if you’re interested in being part of our c ø l l e c t i v e then please get in touch by emailing your racing CV to eightbikeco@gmail.com


t h e . æ i g h t . b i c y c l e . c ø l l e c t i v e

t h e . æ i g h t . r a c e r . i n s t a g r a m




6 thoughts on “t h e . æ i g h t . b i c y c l e . m an u f a c t ø r y

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